Repeated Listening Gave a Clear Answer to My Questions

Good actions lead to good results. Bad actions lead to bad results. One’s own actions lead to one’s own results (One’s karma produces one’s harvest)

I came across a person who was having a hard time understanding “The Law of Cause and Effect.” After almost every lecture, he would bring up examples that he claimed must be exceptions to the Law of Cause and Effect, such as cases where small children were victims of atrocities, and he said it was hard to understand that it happened to them because of their own causes in the past. But this person eventually stopped bringing up what seemed to be “counter- examples.”

Every single effect has its own cause and there is no exception - not even once in a million cases. That is the Law that never changes throughout time and space. Listening to the lecture again and again must have helped his understanding of this Law.

One’s own causes bring one’s own effects, so seeds we plant will definitely bloom. This means that there is life after we die. The Law of Cause and Effect proves the existence of the eternal life which permeates the three worlds. Most people think, “I know myself better than anyone else knows me.” However, people do not have a clue about their eternal life, which is the true self that exists across the three worlds.

If I were not blessed with the opportunity to listen to Buddhism, I would have been planting seeds of misfortune and then would have ended up blaming others for my unhappiness. I am truly happy and grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to hear the truth.

Satoshi Hasegawa, Buddhist Teacher

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #51 | 2015, Repeated Listening Gave a Clear Answer to My Questions

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