The Hammering Sounds of the Construction Echo throughout Himi, Toyama Prefecture

Himi has always been a crucial area for spreading true Buddhism. The Shinran Center in Himi is scheduled for completion in November 2013. Himi is in Toyama Prefecture, which has been a center of conveying the true teachings of Master Shinran. The construction of this Shinran Center is progressing at a rapid pace. Himi has always been and will be the key area of Jodo Shinshu Shirankai, commemorating the significant breakthrough of the 55th Anniversary. The hammering sounds that echo throughout Himi trumpet the reversal of the orthodox and unorthodox of True Pure Land Buddhism. Shinran Followers around the area are putting their best effort into the construction to repay their debt of gratitude. A fi ve-minute drive away from Nouetsu Expressway’s Himi exit, Himi Shinran Center is in the heart of nature’s bounty. Foundation work was completed in July. Currently, steel beams are being put in place to form a beautiful arch-like exterior wall. Hiroyuki Terasawa, chairperson of the construction committee, stated his firm determination: “Seeds of Buddhism that Takamori- sensei has been rigorously planting for over 50 years are about to bloom as Himi Shinran Center. Monks of True Pure Land Buddhism in Himi have not been able to refute the book ‘Unlocking Tannisho’, and they continue to remain silent. We will spread the true teachings of Master Shinran to people in Himi in this year of the 55th Anniversary, in which the orthodox and unorthodox of Shin Buddhism were reversed. One of the main features of Himi Shinran Center is its air-conditioning control system, which utilizes geothermal energy. Like the system installed in the F Building in the Buddhist Village, the control system utilizes geothermal energy to circulate cooler air in summer and warmer air in winter. Tadashi Sawada, who designed Himi Shinran Center, said, “The system enables us to control the air temperature. I will do my best to build a Shinran Center where people can talk about Buddhism all they want.”

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #33 | 2013, The Hammering Sounds of the Construction Echo throughout Himi, Toyama Prefecture

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