A Shinran Center in Yamagata

At Last, in the Northeastern Area of Japan

For the first time in the Northeastern region of Japan, a Shinran Center is going to be built. The center is called Yamagata Shonai Center in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata. Five years have passed since the publication of the book Unlocking Tannisho. Fortresses of truth are being constructed all over Japan, at the time when the orthodox and unorthodox of Shin Buddhism has been totally reversed. The location of this Shinran Center is approximately twenty minutes from Tsuruoka Station by car. The two-storied building is surrounded by many bamboos. The Center has the best environment for visitors to listen to Buddhism and discuss the teaching. Mr. and Mrs. Ohno (pictured on the next page) have been protecting the light of Buddhism in this local community for over two decades. With a strong determination, both of them said, “It is an honor for us to dedicate the rest of our lives to the construction of this Shinran Center. The Center is a gift from Amida Buddha and Master Shinran. If we hadn’t encountered the truth, we would have entered the afterlife without knowing the crucial matter of birth-anddeath. Even if many Zen temples exist in the Shonai area, we would like to convey the truth from this Center.” Katsushi Sunouchi, the chief of the construction committee, who envisioned the construction of the new Center said, “As we visited many local Centers, we were motivated to have our own Shinran Center. We would like to gather at our new Center with everyone as soon as possible.” Missionary Ryosuke Soeya shared his dream, “We would like to make use of our Center which is surrounded by nature. We would like it to be a cozy Castle where followers can talk with each other at ease.” Source: The Buddhist Village Times #28 | 2013, A Shinran Center in Yamagata

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