The Appearance Of A Castle Of Namu Amida Butsu In Hualin, Taiwan

Momentum Gathers toward Establishment of Shinran Centers All over the World

Amid successive appearances of Shinran Centers all over Japan, Hualian Shinran Center, the first lecture hall of Buddhism in Taiwan, came into being. This lecture hall is about 40 tatami mats in size, and located in a modern-looking, reinforced concrete three-storied building. There is a hall for gathering and an interpreter’s booth on the second floor. On the third floor, there is a well-furnished room for missionaries to lodge. This magnificent Shinran Center is established thanks to Amida Buddha’s great power, but at the same time, local Shinran followers contributed greatly. This news will surely encourage Shinran followers all over the world to establish their own centers to listen to Buddhism seriously.

The missionary in charge of the Buddhist Domains, Mr. Izumi was invited for the inauguration ceremony. He arrived at Hualian Shinran Center after giving lectures on Buddhism in Taichung, Taoyuan and Taipei on November 10. Shinran Followers from all over Taiwan gathered at Hualian Shinran Center for the inauguration ceremony. Everyone wore beaming smiles on seeing the majestic building for the first time. After chanting The Hymn of True Faith, a congratulatory speech was given and Tseng Mei-Ling stated the resolution of all Shinran followers in Taiwan; “Let’s convey the existence of the great ship that makes us cheerfully cross the sea of suffering in which we live!!” Her impressive speech evoked waves of applause.

Mr. Izumi clarified many times the salvation in this life by showing the framed calligraphies on the wall “Gensho Futai ” which means Amida Buddha’s salvation does not occur in the afterlife but now while we are alive. He also explained that Amida Buddha saves us by granting us true faith, and not by our reciting Nembutsu. Local Missionary, Ichiro Okonogi, commented that “Now we, followers of Taiwan, share the purpose why we built a Shinran Center here. We hope that this Center will bring us together to spread the teachings of Master Shinran.”

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #24 | 2013, The Appearance Of A Castle Of Namu Amida Butsu In Hualin, Taiwan

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