“Petals of Master Shinran's Teachings”

The 750th commemorative anniversary of Master Shinran has been held in all the temples of the True Pure Land School and people all over Japan are now getting more interested in Master Shinran. In the meantime, Takamori Sensei’s new books Petals of Master Shinran’s Teachings have just been released nationally. Each copy of “Petals” must bring Shinran followers around the nation the rich fragrance and the light of Shinran’s teachings, and many smiles.

“The Volume of Cherry” is covered with dazzling photos of cherry blossoms and “The Volume of Wisteria” is colored with noble purple. In the books, Takamori Sensei cut the Gordian knot and explains clearly 116 matters ranging from basic questions that those who just start to learn Buddhism would have: “According to Master Shinran, what determines our destiny?” or “I don’t believe in an afterlife, but how does Master Shinran teach about it?,” to the essence of Master Shinran’s teachings such as Twofold Revelation or Conversion Through the Three Vows.

Each volume has three parts. Part 1 contains common simple questions that anybody would want to ask and focuses on the matters that show what Master Shinran was like and how he lived.

In Part 2, critical questions in understanding Buddhism and the teachings of the True Pure Land School are answered through quotations from Master Shinran’s words.

In Part 3, Takamori Sensei gives answers to the frequently asked questions from those who have been listening to Buddhism and Master Shinran’s teachings. Just in time for the 750th commemorative anniversary, the two books will be perfect guides for not only Shinran followers but all people interested in Master Shinran.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #09 | 2011, “Petals of Master Shinran's Teachings”

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