Readers’ Feedback On Shinran’s Petals

Shinran’s Petals written by Takamori Sensei has been published (Ichimannendo Publishing Company) in commemoration of 750th anniversary of Master Shinran’s passing. Master Shinran gives you clear answers to life-long questions which everyone wants to know about. Readers have been showering Ichimannendo with their mail, saying that the book is well written and it is like a fog is being cleared, etc. Both the Cherry and Wisteria volumes have sold more than 50,000 in two months. Let us hear from Shinran followers how appealing these books are:

Asking Master Shinran Takahiro Tomita, Hokkaido (Video Missionary)

When I opened the volume of Cherry, I was surprised to see Master Shinran’s name in many chapter titles. And as I read I saw Master Shinran’s name everywhere like “Master Shinran taught in this way,” etc. It is not our experience or what we think but what Master Shinran says. To convey Master Shinran’s supreme teaching is what Shinran followers do. I realized that Takamori Sensei himself follows this path and also leads us in the same way. I started reflecting on myself as to how often I quote Master Shinran’s words when I talk to newcomers or answering their questions. I will read these “Petals” over and over again and be a video missionary who understands Master Shinran’s teaching well.

Giving Clear Answers to Sad Incidents Yoshiyuki Ohguchi, Nagano

Recently there was a tragedy in my neighborhood where a little child got into an accident and lost her eye sight. It is natural that the child’s parents will blame the driver for not paying enough attention and would curse him. But this will not be of any help; worse yet, it will make the parents suffer more. If only they meet “Petals” and come to know the Law of Cause and Effect, how much would they be saved from their suffering! I think especially this year because of repeated natural disasters and nuclear accident, people, more than ever, are asking themselves what their fate is determined by. This is a perfect time to realize how one’s fate is determined through the Law of Cause and Effect taught by Sakyamuni and people will be amazed to know how wonderful Buddhism is. There is no doubt that people all over the world will be attracted to “Petals’” supreme teaching of Master Shinran. It is as if beautiful petals are twinkling down from the sky.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #12 | 2011, Readers’ Feedback On Shinran’s Petals

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