Our Gratitude Extends to Takamori-sensei

It is Now Our Turn to Have a Shinran Center in Korea

Shinran followers in Korea are now looking forward to the 55th anniversary of Shinran-kai, which will be held on October 12 and 13.

The Missionary in charge of the Publicity Department, Takashi Watanabe, visited Puchon city in Korea on June 29 and 30 and lectured about the five-fold teaching as well as the Reality of Humankind. Chapter Managers translated the lectures for those who do not know Japanese, and as a result, many people were able to have ties with Buddhism during the two-day event.

The chapter Manager, Kim Ke Suk said “We learned from Buddhism that all people are on a boat that is headed towards the waterfall of death, and that Amida Buddha has a great Vow-ship that we can be transferred to. The 2000-Tatami-Mat Hall is the place to transfer to Amida’s great ship, so we are going to invite as many people as possible to the 55th anniversary.”

The Vice-Manager of Korean Chapter, Shim Myung Sun, has been texting Buddhist quotes to more than 100 acquaintances every morning for the past six months. Sixteen of them have attended the lectures so far. They heard a lot of people saying that they would like to learn more about Master Shinran’s teaching, and some people have decided to attend the 55th anniversary because of that.

Kim Ji Won, who translates Kensho Shinbun newspaper and a monthly Buddhist magazine in addition to interpreting Missionary Takanori Matsumoto’s study sessions, says with a smile on her face, “Now I know the life path I should take.” She is also taking on the challenge of translating the animated movies on Master Shinran.

Park Chang Je, who is a leader of Korean Shinran followers, shared with us his hope for the future. “Last year, we started a Buddhist club and a room for it in Puchon. Since then more and more people with an interest in Budhism have attended our meetings. Now that the 55th Anniversary has come around, we definitely want to build a Dharma castle in Korea.” Eager to give back for their joy, Korean Shinran followers made a new start in conveying the teachings of Master Shinran in their home country.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #32 | 2013, Our Gratitude Extends to Takamori-sensei

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