Through Buddha's Eyes

A memorial ceremony of September 11 took place at Ground Zero last month. The tragic loss of 3,000 lives is only an underestimate. Anti-terrorism operations carried out in Afghanistan and Iraq have killed some two hundred thousand soldiers and citizens. This is absolutely a brutal reality but what do you think of the following figures? 3,000 people in Japan and 150,000 around the world. This is an average figure of deaths per day. It is no mistake that every single person is at the center of a tragedy that does not involve terrorism. This world is a unstable as a burning house, inhabited by human beings consisting of nothing but blind passions; all is empty and foolish, without a grain of truth. Only the Nembutsu bestowed by Amida is true. People have long been waiting for a light in this world. Master Shinran's teachings clarify Amida's Vow, which turns the tragedy into a bright life in an instantaneous moment. Petals of Master Shinran's Teachings blossomed in this corrupt world. Let us share our joy of encountering Master Shinran's teachings, which have crossed over hundreds of years and let us make a vow in this 750 commemorative anniversary to deliver the scent of Master Shinran's teachings from heart to heart. From now on, the world's circle of lights will keep expanding with no limit and it will open up a path to the Pure Land for people who live in this corrupt world.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #10 | 2011, Through Buddha's Eyes

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