Begin with the Law of Causality That’s the Key

It has long been said that young people are estranged from Buddhism. When asked, “What is your impression of a Buddhist temple?” young people who recently became Shinran Followers replied, “It’s just another tourist site.”

Books on the “Buddhism” shelves at bookstores such as “Living in this world with Buddhism” or “Lessons for a peaceful mind” only give advice on how to live, as is evident from their titles. They are Buddhism-flavored books, not true Buddhist books.

Shinran Followers always show the answer to “why we live” through Master Shinran’s words. It is obvious that there is a difference between Shinran Followers and established Buddhist sects. Young people are by no means indifferent to Buddhism. From his experience of talking with many young people, Hamagami says that he feels a vague sense of emptiness in the depth of their hearts. “Young people, born into the age of the Internet with access to abundant information, are presented with a huge number of life options. They all seem to be at a loss over what to choose or which direction they should go in, and so they are losing their confidence. That is why Master Shinran’s assertion, ‘There is the great ship of Amida’s Vow, so board it quickly,’ gets through to their hearts and inspires a feeling of confidence.”

Takeda also says, “It is important to teach the law of cause and effect, which is the foundation of Buddhism, in detail until it is fully understood and accepted.” “The law of cause and effect destroys the superstitions that many young people believe in, such as that ‘we cease to exist’ or that ‘we become thousands of winds’ after death, not to mention beliefs in things like Japanese gods and fortune-telling. I feel that without understanding the law of cause and effect, Master Shinran’s teachings cannot be understood. Only when people truly realize that the law of cause and effect is an undeniable truth without any exceptions can they start thinking seriously about their afterlife. I will share this teaching with more patience from now on.”

Show Master Shinran’s words and tell the meaning correctly. That is the very key to the prosperity of True Pure Land Buddhism.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #44 | 2014, Begin with the Law of Causality That’s the Key

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