Master Shinranʼs 750th commemorative anniversary Scheduled in Oct. 8(Sat.), 9(Sun.), 10(Mon.)

Master Shinranʼs 750th commemorative anniversary lecture will be held for three days on October 8 (Sat.), 9 (Sun.) and 10 (Mon.).

As we have seen what happened during Master Rennyoʼs era and in our current organizationʼs history, if Shinran followers understand the teachings well and convey them correctly, due to Amidaʼs great Vow power, True Pure Land Buddhism will flourish for sure.

On the other hand, Shinranʼs teachings, which should guide all people, are misunderstood by many. The 750th anniversary event will be an opportunity for us to correct such misunderstandings and to spread the true Dharma to an even wider audience.

It has been 750 years since Master Shinran returned to the Pure Land. If Master Shinran were alive today, what would he think of the sad condition of True Pure Land Buddhism?

Looking at the photos of their 650th anniversary, we see that followers from all over Japan got together and filled in each temple. It seems that there were many followers who eagerly listened to the teachings in those days. Their photos show their enthusiasm.

To retrieve their past prosperity, temples of True Pure Land Buddhism plan to hold talk sessions and art exhibitions related to Shinran at many places in the year of 750th anniversary. It is pitiful and unfortunate, however, that none of those who claim they are the authority of True Pure Land Buddhism clarify the teachings of Shinran, which are most vital. No one teaches “Gosho no Ichidaiji (the crucial matter of afterlife),” nor conveys Master Shinranʼs cry of “may each of you obtain true faith while still alive.”

It is only natural that the head priests themselves have to lament over their long-term downfall, since they do not understand the difference between Zodoku no Zen (Good deeds Poisoned by expectation of rewards) and Zogyo (Good deeds practiced with the mind of self-power) and, therefore, deny that we must practice good deeds and so end up feeling proud of doing bad deeds.

True Shinran followers cannot ignore this miserable condition. We must let our voice be heard!

The 750th anniversary will be held solemnly on brisk autumn days. We will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of colored leaves at the Buddhist Village. Let us attend the lectures with our family members or friends to accomplish our purpose of life of obtaining true faith, and repay our debt of gratitude to Master Shinran.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #02 | 2011, Master Shinranʼs 750th commemorative anniversary Scheduled in Oct. 8(Sat.), 9(Sun.), 10(Mon.)

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