Guided by You Were Born For A Reason

Hideko Masuda, Hyogo prefecture

One day in July, Hideko Masuda was at one Zen Buddhism temple to transcribe a sutra. Among so many books in the big bookshelf, it was only one book that caught her attention. On the spine of the book was written “Naze Ikiru.” (in English “Why we live,” the original Japanese title for YOU WERE BORN FOR A REASON) She took the book home, rushed through lunch, and read it in one sitting.

When she looked at the clock, dawn was breaking. Her home sect was Jodo-Shin Buddhism, but she didn’t know that Master Shinran had clearly taught the purpose of life. She found one flyer in the mailbox early in the morning. The name of Master Shinran was written on it as if the flyer was a continuation of the book.

She went to the place where the animation movie of Master Shinran was showing. She said, “I couldn’t help putting my palms together, because Master Shinran’s stormy life and Amida Buddha’s compassion coincide with each other.”

She became friends with Miyuki Okamoto, who was in charge of the movie showing, and continued listening to Buddhist lectures. She attended a Myogo- granting ceremony and became a Shinran follower at the 55th anniversary.

She said, “It is the most joyful thing that I can take part in the 55th Anniversary. I feel as if even people I met for the first time were my old friends. It is really mysterious. For years, a Buddhist monk came to my house once a month, but he didn’t teach us even a single word of Master Shinran. I didn’t know at all that we had mistaken the most important thing — the fundamental icon. This Myogo, the fundamental icon granted to me is my treasure. I will devote myself to listening to Buddhism in order to attain the true faith as soon as possible.” “The phrase ‘why we live’ clearly expressed the uneasy feelings I had about life.” She happily recalled her encounter with the book You Were Born For A Reason.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #36 | 2014, Guided by You Were Born For A Reason

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The Buddhist Village Times #36

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