International Get-Together

Listening to Buddhism and Enjoying a Barbeque

On August 10, the day after the Memorial Lecture, Shinran Followers from the USA, Brazil, Taiwan, and South Korea attended a lecture in the morning by the Buddhist teacher Takashi Watanabe in which he went over the content of the Memorial Lecture.

Ms. Chie Yanase of the Translation Department, who had attended the Memorial Lecture, said, “The number of our ancestors in the last 35 generations exceeds the number of all people who live on Earth today. That means we all have common ancestors and that all people on earth are like our sisters and brothers. I felt as if I had known these overseas Followers since the distant past.”

Later that day, people sat in groups of 4 to 5 at each table and talked about how they felt about the teachings of Buddhism. One of the Buddhist friends from Taiwan happily said, “How parents feel about their children is the same in all countries.

Our ancestors are like our parents. I learned that the true way to show respect to our ancestors is to listen to Amida Buddha’s supreme Vows and be saved by Amida Buddha into absolute happiness.” They then promised to come back in October for the 10-year anniversary of the 2000-Tatami- Mat Hall.

In the afternoon, they had a barbeque party. Everyone sang The Song of Pure Land Buddhism at an arbor and talked about their dreams of sharing the teachings of Buddhism back home and walking this supreme path together.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #57 | 2015, International Get-Together

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The Buddhist Village Times #57

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