October 16, 2019

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How the Law of Cause and Effect relates to present moment awareness

February 25, 2017

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More and More Shinran Followers from Abroad Have Their Mind Set on Going to The 2000-Mat Hall Solely to Listen to the Vow of Other-Power

October 15, 2018


The 55th anniversary of Jodo Shinshu Shinrankai is just around the corner. More and more Shinran followers from abroad have their mind set on going to The 2,000-Tatami- Mat Hall solely to listen to the Vow of other-power. The 55th anniversary lecture of Jodo Shinshu Shinrankai is on 12 & 13 of October, 2013. The momentum fostered by Shinran followers’ determination has widened the circle of light throughout the world. 


Many Shinran followers have made their firm decision to listen to Amida Buddha’s Vow in The 2,000-Mat Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Miyoshi in Los Angeles, U.S.A. made up their minds to go to the 55th Anniversary. Praising the wonderous power of Amida Buddha, missionary Harada said, “I found myself close to tears when I heard of their firm determination to overcome the obstacles they face.” They had to pull out of going to Japan in May 2013 for Gotan’e out of concerns for their physical condition. 


As a matter of fact, they initially expressed worries over attending the 55th anniversary, too. However, in June 2013, things turned around. They had the Buddhist Domain Manager, Missionary Izumi, over for dinner and listened respectfully as he talked about Takamori-sensei’s mind. They thought, “Going to Japan is hard physically, but ‘listening is of utmost importance in Buddhism.’ Are we not living for the very purpose of being granted Namu Amida Butsu by Amida Buddha? With that, they started looking at every possible way to go to the 2,000-Mat Hall. 

 Late evening on July 6, they listened to the meaning of the following hymn: When I reflect on the origin of the Vow of Amida, (I find) that Amida Buddha, without abandoning any sentient beings that are in pain and agony, expressed his great compassion with the sole purpose of giving the Name. 

Amida Buddha risked his life in order to create the Name with the sole purpose of giving it to us and thereby saving us.


 Mrs. Miyoshi told Mr. Miyoshi “I would like to go to the 55th anniversary of Jodo Shinshu Shinrankai at any cost.” Mr. Miyoshi then unburdened himself of his longheld worry that he does not want to cause troubles to others because of his asthma. Mrs. Miyoshi replied, “You do not need to worry. There is something special at the 2,000-Mat Hall.” After having spent the night Mr. Miyoshi decided to go to Japan. “Let’s go to the 2,000-Mat Hall.” 


Visiting the Shinran Center in Los Angeles to tell Missionary Harada of their resolve, Mrs. Miyoshi said, “I will exercise more than before in order to sit prolonged periods of time in the days ahead.” Motivated by Mr. and Mrs. Miyoshi’s readiness to “walk through fire” in order to listen to Buddhism, more and more American Shinran Followers are seizing the chance to listen to Buddhism at Jodo Shinshu Shinrankai’s the 55th Anniversary.


Source: The Buddhist Village Times #32 | 2013, More and More Shinran Followers from Abroad Have Their Mind Set on Going to The 2000-Mat Hall Solely to Listen to the Vow of Other-Power

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                      The Buddhist Village Times #32​ 


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