Disaster Is Followed by Suffering and Trouble

Disaster Is Followed by Suffering and Trouble Shinichi Morioka, Lawyer

Raging waves of hardships come one after another in the form of disaster, suffering, and trouble. There have been full endeavors by politics, economics, medicine, science, and the law to somehow help us cope with such waves of suffering, but to no avail. I often deal with cases of traffic accidents at my law office. Serious injuries, problems following injuries, and deaths of family members are indeed harsh waves of misfortune which assault us.

To make matters worse, however, new waves of suffering and trouble then attack people. Even though they’ve been through traffic accidents, for instance, some fail to receive compensation for their damage, get fired from their companies, or have difficulty in keeping up a social life. The law exists with the purpose of solving such problems, but I always feel the limits of what we can do. So why do we live? If the only answer we could give to this question was, “We live only to suffer,” nothing would be sadder than that.

However, in the midst of all this woe, Master Shinran’s teachings clarify the existence of a huge ship that carries us across the sea of suffering. This makes evident just how marvelous Master Shinran’s teachings are.

Had Even One of Our Ancestors Not Existed, We Would Not Have Existed Nicola Gant, Great Britain

I learned that the way to provide true repose for our ancestors is to accomplish the purpose of life while we are still alive. We owe a great debt of gratitude to our ancestors. Human form is difficult to obtain, and only now that we have been born as human beings can we listen to Buddhism and be saved by Amida Buddha.

It is thanks to our innumerable ancestors, beginning with our parents, that we were able to be born as human beings. Had even one of our ancestors not existed, Absolute happiness listening hearing we ourselves would not have existed either. Knowing this, one cannot help but want to repay one’s ancestors for this rare and precious blessing. The way to accomplish this is to do that which would make them the happiest. This is to attain absolute happiness while still alive.

We can only do this by listening intently to Buddhism until we hear Amida’s call in an ichinen. It is always moving to see how ceaselessly determined you are to convey Buddhism no matter what difficulties arise. Words cannot convey how precious it is.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #59 | 2016, Disaster Is Followed by Suffering and Trouble

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