THE BUDDHIST VILLAGE: Come and Enjoy the Beauty of the Nature

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▲There are many gazebos in various places in the Buddhist Village. You can cool off on a hot summer’s day, and even on a rainy day, you can enjoy close contact with nature thanks to these gazebos. Wherever you want to stop, take your time and appreciate the view of nature, you’re sure to find a gazebo there.

▲Since the pond in this village is a favorable habitat, the carps also look happy.

▲Small animals like these Japanese raccoons seem to feel at ease living here in the Buddhist Village. It must be because this village is richly endowed with nature.

▲We often encounter this kind of antelope in the Buddhist Village. (Its scientific name is Capricornis crispus.) Even if your eyes meet its eyes, it won’t run away. You’ll be locked in each other’s gaze for some time in silence. Many people have experienced this kind of encounter. Have you?

▲Last July, a spot-billed duck and its little chicks moved to the Pond of Seven Treasures. What deep ties with Buddhism they have!

▲These are maple trees near the headquarters of Shinrankai. In autumn, these species such as Japanese maples (scientific name: Acer palmatum) or mountain maples, with their green leaves, turn into a bright scarlet color. According to the degree of moisture, the amount of sunlight and the temperature, you can enjoy a slightly different color every year.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #49 | 2015, THE BUDDHIST VILLAGE: Come and Enjoy the Beauty of the Nature

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The Buddhist Village Times #49

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