Frank discussion on Buddhism

The day before the web conference, Kazuki (Shinyubu — staff department) carries a laptop computer with care when he rides on the bus from Toyama to Osaka. He has been holding a web conference from last June in a room at his parents ʼ house.

The dining room turns into a lecture room of Buddhism once he connects his PC to a digital TV which was bought recently. Once the web conference finishes, the discussion of faith (Shinjin-no- Sata) starts.

“Everyone speaks in a Kansai dialect, and thatʼs why all of us speak so frankly,” Kazuki laughs. His father, Mamoru (a Shinran follower), raised a question to him after the web conference in August.

“I thought that my worldly passions would be eliminated when I was saved by Amida Buddha. But today I realized that my idea was wrong.” Kazuki answered, “Exactly. Even if you are saved by Amida Buddha worldly passions won’t decrease or be eliminated. Worldly passions remain the same way as they have always been.”

Kazuki’s mother, Yasuko, who was listening to their conversation said, “I understand the desire for food and drink are worldly passions, however, I was so surprised to hear that suffering or loneliness are also worldly passions and won’t be eliminated.”

Mamoru said, “That’s the point. Why is it that a person who was saved by Amida Buddha feels lonely? Is it really true happiness to have been saved by Amida Buddha?”

“Hey, father! That is your misunderstanding!” Kazuki replied.

This was the first time for him to be able to have a chance to talk about Buddhism in such a long time with his family.

“I want to be saved by Amida Buddha as soon as possible,” his mother said after a web conference at the end of last year. She applied to become a member of Shinran followers.

Kazuki says, “Because of the web conference, all our family would listen together. And that’s why we can discuss about Buddhism frankly. ”

Kazuki Ohtaki, Osaka, Japan

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #02 | 2011, Frank discussion on Buddhism

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