The Song of the Pure Land School (Part 1)

We received a question from a reader as follows:

Question. Tell me the meaning of SHIN SHU SHU KA (The Song of Shin Buddhism).


The SHIN SHU SHU KA, or Song of the Pure Land School, is a song expressing the wonder of Amida’s Vow, the gratitude of attaining other-power salvation, and the dedication to share it with others equally. Below is the brief translation:

1.) How can I express the gratitude I feel at having encountered this profound Dharma? I must devote myself to listen to it single-mindedly until I am granted the truth.

2.) What can I compare the blessing to that I have been rescued from eternal darkness? I will be involved with worldly affairs reciting the Name of six characters with gratitude.

3.) From shore to shore without discrimination, I will share the preciousness of Buddhaʼs virtue with my fellows to accompany them on a journey to the Pure Land. Let’s examine the lyrics sentence by sentence.

Fukaki minorini aimatsuru Mino sachi nanini tatoubeki Hitasura michio kikihiraki Makotono mimune itadakan

Towano yamiyori sukuwareshi Mino sachi nanini kurabubeki Rokujino inao tonaetsutsu Yononariwaini ishoshiman

Umino uchitono hedatanaku Mioyano tokuno tootosao Waga harakarani tsutaetsutsu Mikunino tabio tomonisen

Having met the deepest teaching that is Buddhism, what can I compare this happiness to? With all my might, I must go forward on the path to birth in the Land of Utmost Bliss until I receive the true mind of Amida Buddha.

Having been saved from eternal darkness, what shall I compare this happiness to? Always reciting the six-character Name, I must put my heart into my temporal affairs.

Regardless of which country we are in, we must convey the virtue of Amida to our family and friends around the world and enjoy the journey to the Pure Land together.

(To be continued...)

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #18 | 2012, The Song of the Pure Land School (Part 1)

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