Thank-you letter to Takamori-sensei

Salvation through Listening, Receiving the Medicine in A Single Thought Moment Naomi Chiba, USA

The words of Master Shinran explained by Ta k a m o r i - s e n s e i during the webinar are profound wisdom, passed along as a clear water from the masters of Buddhism in teaching Amida Buddha’s Vow. Master Shinran is indeed the light of the world for teaching us how to attain supreme faith, the right method of salvation by receiving the Name. And hearing the Name of Amida Buddha or taking the medicine through listening, in a single thought moment, ichinen, we attain true faith. Every time I listen to Buddhism my understanding grows deeper, and I want to thank you, Takamori-sensei, for being the good teacher of Buddhism to guide us, and encourage us to go through the universe of fire to attain true faith. To find a good teacher of Buddhism is difficult, in the words of Master Shinran and Shakyamuni Buddha. Thank you for being the teacher who guides us.

I have to listen with all my heart

Tomoe Takagoshi, Aichi prefecture

Amida Buddha has poured his life into one character ‘Nyaku (If)’, promising to make us be reborn with a mind of faith and joy. No other buddhas have the power to save us. Only the Master Buddha, Amida Buddha, has the power to eradicate our Dark Mind, our root cause of suffeirng. I learned how marvelous Amida Buddha is. I learned that Amida Buddha has created the Name, Namu Amida Butsu, because there are people who are suffering because of a disease. We have contracted the horrible disease of the Dark Mind. Amida Budddha already made the medicine to cure the disease of Dark Mind ten kalpas ago. We can obtain purthis medicine in an Ichinen, meaning a split second. Amida Buddha has pledged to save us at the risk of his life. True Buddhist masters also constantly put their lives at stake to give sermons. I realized that we, who want to be saved by Amida, have to listen intently as well even if it means fighting our way through raging flames.

How straightforward to tell someone, “Drop all your work.” Tomomi Naito, Toyama prefecture

“Buddhism must be listened to by setting aside the world’s affairs. Thinking that one should listen to Buddhist law when not occupied with the world’s affairs is shallow.” I was really impressed with these words of Master Rennyo in the book, “The Words of Rennyo Heard and Recorded During His Lifetime.” When I heard that most people think it is not Buddhism but one’s job that is the main purpose of life, I couldn’t help but nod at how true this is. Other than the time we take to sleep, we spend most of our time on work. Even if I’m thinking various thoughts, I’m thinking about nothing but work. After work, I go to my daughter’s nursery school to pick her up, and I think about making dinner and taking care of her. My mind is occupied with my endless desires. I fail to give a thought to the purpose of life. Master Rennyo plainly said “Buddhism is so important that it must be apprehended even if it means dropping all our work.” I’m overwhelmed with his words. It is utterly impossible to earn as much as a million dollars with only an ordinary amount of effort. I’ve realized that what I’m seeking for in Buddhism is worth much more than that.

The Joy of Having Our Shinran Center Remodeled Felix Crosser, USA

Thank you so very much for dispatching missionary Izumi to our Los Angeles temple to oversee our recent inauguration. His visit inspired us greatly and made it feel as if you were right here with us. He inspred all of our followers here with the teachings, especially his very engaging personal approach which I felt at many times shatter the language barrier.

Mr. Izumi gave us fuel to continue building our Shinran-kai community and to share the teachings with others that reflects who we are. I also paid special attention to the care and detail with which he taught to us. How vast and profound, these teachings capable of keeping up with a mind always in flux. I take to heart this precious gift of Buddhism and this beautiful center you have provided for us.

Over the years I have come to feel like this building has become a part of me, so to see it transformed fills me with an indescribable happiness.

Thank you for your leadership and guidance, without it, I surely would have been lost.

Very gratefully, Felix Crosser

The following is another thank-you letter to Takamori- sensei sent just after Ho’on’ko in the past. We received this from Publicity Department of Shinrankai recently.

I would like to thank you for the lecture which you gave recently. It was such a great experience to chant for the first time with all the Shinran Followers in the 2000-Tatami- Mat Hall and listen to your lecture there in person as well. I was able to feel a strong condition with everyone around me and also deepen my bond with Amida Buddha.

I felt so fortunate being able to see so many familiar faces from all over the world that I had met the year before. Truly, the experience of everyone’s warmth in Toyama makes the prospect of attaining absolute happiness even brighter.

There in those mountains, in that serene setting, I believe a higher purpose is being carried out for millions of people all over the world. I can’t wait to help spread that message with Americans in my country. Buddhism came to me at a time when I suddenly felt like the world had no purpose. I strongly wish to share the teachings of true faith and Amida’s Vow with more people who desperately felt just as I once did. I want them to understand the difference between believing and knowing.

Along with the missionaries and followers at the temple, all of us have spent much of 2010 planning many things to bring more people to the teachings. I really feel 2011 is the year where the seeds of years of all that hard work will finally begin to take effect. We have been organizing 12 plus binders on core teachings, working on websites to unite and gather members online, as well as having social gatherings at our temple in Gardena and out and about in Los Angeles to increase unity.

Once all these goals have been completed, and the first wave of members arrives, I have more ambition which I will share and write about at that time.

Until then, I will make my best effort to strengthen my bond with Buddhism and to share the truth with as many people as possible. Please continue to take good care of yourself. I send my highest regards to you and your family.

Sincerely, Felix Crosser

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #32 | 2013, Thank-you letter to Takamori-sensei

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