A Bird's-Eye View of the Headquarters

The Japanese edition of BVT now has a “bird’s eye” view—Introducing the camera-equipped drone.

An unmanned aerial vehicle, (commonly known as a drone) with a digital camera has been introduced to the audiovisual department of Shinran-kai. This new device is characterized by a sensor that controls flight altitude, which enables stable shooting without blurring of images.

The test flight was carried out at the Shinran Center and the Buddhist Village in Imizu City on April 2. The aircraft took pictures of several places from above via its remote-controlled camera, including the Seihondo building and Amida’s Bridge. All the while, the images from the equipped camera were being checked on a PC screen on the ground.

The manager of the audiovisual department explained, “With this device, we can shoot an object from a bird’s eye view, which has widened our scope of expression. As the aircraft is easily affected by the wind, I will fly it over our sacred lands with safety as my first priority.” There will be further training on how to operate the aircraft. The “flying camera” will play an active role in taking pictures or videos from unique angles.

A Record of Little Treasures by Chise Kanda, Secretary of Takamori-sensei

On Truth

Takamori-sensei: “Unless you know of the truth, you would not know which direction to go. How important it is to know of the truth first of all. Those who know of the truth are fortunate. Those who seek the truth are more fortunate. Those who have attained the truth are the most fortunate of all.

Without knowing of the truth first of all, you absolutely cannot seek or attain it. Some people say, “Just knowing of it is meaningless.” That is the terrible act of slandering Buddhism. Such people don’t know how important it is to know of the truth. Once you realize deeply how fortunate you are to have learnt of the truth, you can move forward until the point where you attain true faith.” ―July 1990

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #53 | 2015, A Bird's-Eye View of the Headquarters

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The Buddhist Village Times #53

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