The Re-Emergence of the Kingdom of Pure Land Buddhism

The 3rd Castle of Buddhism in Ishikawa Prefecture

Kahoku Shinran Center has been inaugurated and now it plays a major role in spreading the teaching of “Heizei Gōjō” to people suffering from agonizing uncertainty. Following Noto and Kaga Shinran Centers, a 3rd castle of Buddhism, Kahoku Shinran Center, was constructed in Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture, which is known as the kingdom of Pure Land Buddhism. In the inauguration lecture held on February 19th, 2014, Takamori-sensei conveyed the essence of Master Shinran’s teaching: “Heizei Gōjō.” The “self-proclaimed orthodox group” has been utterly speechless since Unlocking Tannisho made its debut 6 years ago. The teachings of Master Shinran are soaring like eagles to the far corners of the world from these three Shinran Centers.

Kahoku Shinran Center is accessible by an arterial roadway and is located about 30 minutes north of Kanazawa city. This three-story building made of reinforced concrete provides a fabulous view of the Japan Sea and the mountain range of Haku.

Calligraphy Heizei Gōjō, or the purpose of life, is framed and displayed in the lecture hall on the first floor. Thanks to Amida Buddha’s inconceivable power, Buddhism has brightened the lives of people in Ishikawa prefecture since 1951.

The teachings of Master Shinran conveyed by Takamori-sensei began to illuminate the root cause of suffering. Takamori-Sensei first started giving lectures at temples in the suburb of Kanazawa City, and things took off from there.

Right after a Buddhist lecture was held in Kankou Hall in 1975, we witnessed a rapid expansion of the ring of Buddhism. As a result of that, the number of visitors who joined the lectures skyrocketed.

Shinran followers in and around Kahoku City had their mind set on building a Shinran Center for themselves last summer. Although initially they thought of constructing a castle of Buddhism together with Shinran followers in Kanazawa City on a conjoint basis, Kahoku Shinran followers made the final call to build their own castle.

The chapter leader, Noriko Yamazaki, said, “We witnessed more and more people coming to animation viewings at several places in our local area, and visitors expressed their most heartfelt thanks to the teachings of Master Shinran. Then, we paused to realize the importance of planning to build our own Shinran Center in Kahoku City. I did not tell the Kahoku Shinran followers what to do; rather, they themselves took the initiative to carry out the project. Seeing this, I felt the significance of having a Shinran Center in each local area.”

The Shinran Center’s manager, Tomo’o Shimojima, commented as well: “I used to be a representative of followers in Honganji, however, I had never heard of the phrase ‘Heizei gōjō.’ Every Buddhist monk I met in Honganji was busy re- The 3rd Castle of Buddhism in Ishikawa Prefecture The Re-Emergence of the Kingdom of Pure Land Buddhism counting their personal experiences, so no wonder followers there have been ignorant of Pure Land Buddhism. Cherishing this Shinran Center that was bestowed upon us by the supreme Buddha, we must carry out the mission of conveying the teaching of Master Shinran. We hope that this will lead to the re-emergence of the kingdom of Pure Land Buddhism.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #39 | 2014, The Re-Emergence of the Kingdom of Pure Land Buddhism

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The Buddhist Village Times #39

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