A Record of Little Treasures

On Comparing

Takamori-sensei: “Once one has entered into the world of no hindrance – in other words, attained absolute happiness – one can rejoice without comparing. In this world, ‘we should feel gratitude upon seeing those who are not as blessed as us and make effort upon seeing those who are more blessed than us.’ Without comparing, we cannot rejoice or gain energy. We should feel gratitude in this way: ‘Compared to that person, how blessed I am! It is terrible if I complain.’ On the other hand, when we see those who are more blessed than us, we should stir ourselves up and make effort with a resolve to become like that person.”

―June 1990

by Chise Kanda, Secretary of Takamori-sensei

An Interview with the Winning Speaker

My Wish Has Come True: Coming to the 2,000- Mat Hall with My Parents

When I took the fiveday training classes at the Buddhist Academy, I learned that “if you want to convey Buddhism to your parents, you should improve your speech The Scent of Dharma in the Tea Garden and behavior and continually express words of gratitude” rather than teaching Buddhism with words. This message stayed in my heart.

I never used to give presents to my mother on Mother’s Day, but after I started listening to Buddhism, I began to do so. My mother learned on Facebook that I would take part in the Speech Contest. She therefore came to the 2000-Tatami- Mat Hall for the first time together with my father. I never imagined such a thing would ever happen. I kept saying to myself, “Don’t cry now. Cry afterwards.” But from the time when I went to the parking area to welcome my parents, there were many times I had to hold back my tears. However, I could no longer fight back my tears when I saw my parents chanting together in front of me in the 2000-Tatami-Mat Hall. After the speech, my parents said to me, “You’ve changed so much since you started listening to Buddhism! We’re so happy!” It felt good to know I am now making my parents happy as I ought to.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #54 | 2015, A Record of Little Treasures

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