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Handing Over the Baton of “Heizei Gōjō”

Master Shinran’s teaching of “Heizei Gōjō” means it is not after we die, but now while we are living, that we exit our world of delusion and suffering and accomplish life’s great purpose through the strong power of Amida Buddha.

First Shakyamuni Buddha taught “Heizei Gōjō” salvation, and then the seven eminent priests of true Buddhism relayed the baton of the teaching to Master Shinran. I was moved to hear that we, living today after 2600 long years from the time of the Buddha, can listen to the true teachings of Buddhism in the 2000-Tatami-Mat Hall.

It is really important to know the reason why we were born as human beings. People often praise Toyotomi Hideyoshi as a successful person because he succeeded in unifying the whole country. However, he couldn’t break free from the world of suffering and lamented over this in his dying moments. Since we know the truth that we cannot learn without listening to Buddhism, we are truly fortunate. We must not stop relaying the baton to others. I would like to hand it over to one and all.

Mayumi Kida, Toyama

True Teachings Will Never Fade

What struck a chord with me in the lecture was that each of the seven masters of true Buddhism passed on the “baton” of true teachings to the next master, and that they did not each have their own unique batons.

The “baton” was passed down to Master Shinran, then to Master Kakunyo, and then to Master Rennyo, and now I am listening to the true teachings of Buddhism from Takamori-sensei.

2,600 years have passed and even though it may be possible for the written records of the teachings to fade away, the teaching of “Heizei Gōjō,” which means we can accomplish the purpose of life while we are alive and be saved by Amida Buddha, will remain constant and unchanged.

When I reflect on the gravity of the teachings, I realize that I must listen to Buddhism more seriously than before.

Hideaki Ichioka, Ibaraki

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #53 | 2015, Thank-You Letters

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