Both are the quiet type Yet feel a close connection

Tomoyuki Hosokawa grew up respecting his silent-type father, Koichi, a task-oriented individual with a first class architect license.

Because he is a quiet type of person, father and son have not had an opportunity to talk about Buddhism. Tomoyuki has returned to his family home in Fukui prefecture at every opportunity to convey Buddhism to his father; however the conversation soon ends, since both of them have inherited the same characteristic of quietness.

December of two years ago, his grandfather, Toshio, passed away. Days later Tomoyuki was appointed (by the branch chief missionary, Masatsugu Ogura) to be in charge of the web conference in Fukui prefecture. The web conference site is near the family home, and Tomoyuki invited his father to come to the web conference which included the memorial service.

Startled by his fatherʼs seriousness to listen to Buddhism, he decided to initiate the web conference at his family home which took place for the first time in March of last year.

Tomoyukiʼs father was quiet throughout the session, but he noticed his father nodding occasionally and looked happy. After the session, his father respectfully brought a white envelope of Ofuse (donation of gratitude). Tomoyuki was happy that his father showed his gratitude.

After, his grand mother, Miyako and his mother, Yumie joined the Buddhist lecture.

At the end of December, Tomoyuki returned to his family home, and explained to his father that Master Shinran taught the purpose of life. Listening to him silently, Koichi requested to become a Shinran follower. “I am so glad that I could connect with my father through Buddhism. I will tell the teaching of Buddhism to my mother as well,” Tomoyuki said with smile.

Tomoyuki Hosokawa, Fukui, Japan

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #02 | 2011, Both are the quiet type Yet feel a close connection

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