Many People Are Looking for the Teachings of Master Shinran

Tannisho, broadcasted from the radio, feels so sweet and familiar. Among people coming to the Buddhist seminars, more and more of them are listening to Unlocking Tannisho on the radio. Sayoko Nishinome, 62, Yamagata prefecture, lost her parents in her childhood. She felt lonely all the time and was wondering why she had no parents. Nishinome became interested in Buddhism in her twenties. She was drawn to Tannisho and poured over it. But she couldnʼt understand its true meaning at all even though she read many explanatory books. Thirty years went by, and her husband passed away three years ago. When she came to long for Tannisho again, she heard Buddhist terms such as “human beings beset by worldly passions” and “nembutsu” on the radio. It was the broadcast of Unlocking Tannisho. She continued listening to it and also went to a lecture on Buddhism near her house.

She said, “Now I understand that I myself am a foolish being made of worldly passions, living in this unstable world, which is like a burning house. The East Japan Earthquake made me feel acutely that everything is idleness and foolishness, and what we can truly rely on is only Amida Buddhaʼs Vow.” She became a Shinran follower last October.

Another person whose life is transformed by the radio broadcast of UNLOCKING TANNISHO is Ms. J, from Shizuoka prefecture. She had been bothered by various fortune-telling and superstitions like whether a day is lucky or unlucky, the direction of houses and gravestones, prayers and so on. Takako Ishii, a Shinrankai missionary is in charge of her. Ishii said, “For example, when a family is moving to a new place, each member has to move on a different day according to a fortune-tellerʼs advice. Though the new house had been completed, it was a year later that Ms. J moved there, and five years later that her husband did. But even such struggles didnʼt bring her peace of mind. She was always uneasy.” After a while she started to listen to UNLOCKING TANNISHO on the radio and went to the lectures. “I have decided to turn only to Amida Buddha,” she said. She has disposed of all the fortune-telling and false teachings. She regularly attends Buddhist lectures.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #15 | 2012, Many People Are Looking for the Teachings of Master Shinran

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The Buddhist Village Times #15

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