All Humanity is Earnestly Waiting for Us to Share the True Teaching

One of the leading philosophers of the 20th century encountered the teachings of Master Shinran through Tannisho and gave the following impression:

“I have only recently, through English translations of Tannisho, come to know the Eastern holy man Shinran. If I had known ten years ago that such a holy man existed in the Orient, I would not have studied Latin or Greek. I would have learned Japanese, listened to Shinran’s teachings, and devoted my life to making them known throughout the world. But now it is too late.

“After the war, Japan announced that, as a culturally advanced nation, it would set about from that point to contribute to world culture. But as far as I’m concerned, we don’t need any magnificent buildings or museums. We don’t need a thing. All we would like is for you to proclaim the teachings of Shinran.

“I wish that the Japanese people with whom we come into contact—whether they be merchants, tourists, politicians— would have an intangible, unmistakable air about them of being privy to deep teachings. People from around the world would then discover the teachings of Shinran. Through French or Danish, whatever the language, they will learn and embrace his teachings. When it happens, world peace would finally begin to seem achievable, and the foundation would be laid for establishing the civilization of the twenty-first century.”

Random killings happen one after another and suicide rates are not decreasing. The world is full of murder, violence and abuse. In the twenty-first century we still find ourselves lost in the dark. People are craving for the truth. All humanity is earnestly waiting for the Light of the world, the teachings of Master Shinran. The above-mentioned philosopher is not referring only to Japanese people but also to all Shinran Followers. Shinran Followers are those who learn and embrace Master Shinran’s teachings in depth and accurately convey them to others.

The ones who faithfully and diligently practiced the mission of Shinran Followers were our Buddhist teachers, Master Kakunyo and Master Rennyo. They are the pioneers of Shinran Followers and our role models. As long as we move forward diligently on the right path which has been set out for us by these true Buddhist masters, Shinran Followers’ future is infinitely bright. Both Masters Kakunyo and Rennyo left behind many books and letters, but what they wrote was nothing but the teachings of Master Shinran. They must have had many things that they wanted to express, but they never wrote about their personal experiences. For example, when Master Rennyo preached Buddhism, he always presented the words of Shinran. By so doing, he explained the teachings carefully and closely to the seekers. Because of this, Shin Buddhism penetrated steadily and deeply throughout Japan.

Our true Buddhist masters always preached Buddhism by presenting the words of Shinran. As authentic Shinran Followers, we must follow their path. When we convey Shinran’s teachings, we first show his words and then explain the meaning completely. His teachings are the direct words of Amida Buddha, and they are infinitely profound and limitlessly precious. His words therefore have boundless power. As long as we move forward on this right path, our future will be infinitely bright.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #59 | 2016, All Humanity is Earnestly Waiting for Us to Share the True Teaching

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