Youth in Kyoto - The Act of Sharing Buddhism Wins the Hearts and Minds of Youths

Appointments are All Booked Up for 2 Weeks!

Shogo Takeda’s enthusiasm to convey Buddhism to young people in Kyoto has spread to other young Shinran Followers in the same group and has widened the circle of like-minded people who join the activity of sharing Buddhism.

One of them, Atsushi Hamagami (29), a junior of Takeda’s from his university days, says, “Even if it is only for 10 minutes, Takeda tries to memorize the notes he reads on his smart phone on how to teach the basics of Buddhism. I was impressed by his passion.”

“Talking about Buddhism one-on-one, some people want to listen to the teachings more, even for hours. The more I convey the teachings, the more I realize how wonderful the teachings are,” says Hamagami.

Mami Numata (25), who has been a Shinran Follower for only two years, is now actively engaged in sharing Buddhism too. She says, “I learned that even though sharing the teachings by myself can be difficult, just listening to other people offer Buddhism while wishing for the listener’s bond with Amida Buddha is also valuable. I am happy to know that there are seeds that even I can plant in the field of Buddhism.”

“It really came home to me that through the act of sharing Buddhism, my own understanding of the teachings deepens. Offering Buddhism to others not only benefits others but myself as well.”

Recently, more and more young people have come forth wanting to listen to Buddhism, and Followers’ group has been booking appointments with these young people almost every day.

“We’re all booked up for two weeks!” the Followers cry out in joy. Takeda says, “Adjusting the schedule, I am trying to meet them sooner. I’ll work hard together with other Buddhist friends to continue the act of offering the teachings.”

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #44 | 2014, Youth in Kyoto - The Act of Sharing Buddhism Wins the Hearts and Minds of Youths

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Buddhist Village Times #44

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