Sweet Fragrance of “Petals” All Over

“I didn’t know this is the True Pure Land Buddhism.”

Much-awaited new books of Takamori Sensei, Petals of Master Shinran’s Teachings (Ichimannendo Publishing, Inc.), were released nationally in mid-September. The books clearly answer 116 questions that anybody would want to ask, through quotations from Master Shinran’s words.

Moreover, all of the quotations are accompanied by detailed commentaries and thus even those who learn Buddhism for the first time can understand them easily. “I didn’t know this is the True Pure Land Buddhism!” Such voices of surprise are coming from all over Japan. A priest of a True Pure Land temple says, “I was never satisfied with any questionanswer style books written by university professors or the chief priests on doctrine of the True Pure Land Buddhism, because those authors made comments based on their own subjective opinions. But Petals of Master Shinran’s Teachings are written on the basis of

Buddhist scriptures from beginning to end, in a clear-cut manner that reminds me of a noted sword. The more I read them, the more deeply I can understand. Another Shinran follower, who was born in a family of a True Pure Land temple, says, “In Petals, the essence of Master Shinran’s teachings, Threefold Renunciation and Embrace, is clearly taught. Takamori Sensei clarifies the teachings which West and East Hongan-ji and other True Pure Land Schools have never clarified so far. I thought that the books could be the final fatal blow to them.” The teaching of Threefold Renunciation and Embrace refers to “renouncing all religions other than Buddhism and embracing Buddhism,” “renouncing self-power Buddhism and entering the Pure Land Buddhism,” and “renouncing other Pure Land sects and entering the Ture Pure Land sect.”

The books are beautiful “petals” for people who seek Master Shinran’s teachings, but are bombs for those who have been spreading false teachings. What kind of storm can the two volumes of Cherry and Wisteria cause in people’s thoughts and Pure Land Schools? Only Amida Buddha will know.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #10 | 2011, Sweet Fragrance of “Petals” All Over

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