To Share Buddhism is A Rare Blessing

The treasure contained within the nembutsu, as you stated, is inexhaustible, undeniable, and impossible to be taken away. And yet this wonder for sure exists even in this fleeting, changing world.

I was rescued from a time when I had no hope for my future. I must help others who are in the same desperate situation I was so that I can pay my debt of gratitude.

I must continue listening even more deeply. I want to understand better what ichinen is. I find myself perplexed to understand it within myself completely.

All I have as reference is the desperation I had before I encountered the Vow and the peace of mind I felt after feeling the embrace shortly after learning these teachings. I want to know more clearly about this mystery so I can know how to guide everyone to experience ichinen effectively for themselves.

I feel the current of Amida's compassion pulling me forward. Though desire, anger, envy ignorance are always churning, I will still do my best to follow the white path to enter the other-power faith and bring as many as possible toward the light.

To share True Buddhism to even one person for only one moment is already in itself a reward incomparable to anything else I've achieved or experienced in my life. I'm so blessed. Your tenacity standing strong at the 2,000-Tatami-Mat Hall has inspired me to overcome any obstacles I may have remaining. Buddha's smile across the world.


Felix Crosser, USA

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #57 | 2015, To Share Buddhism is A Rare Blessing

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