Leaving Christianity in Search of the Truth

Leaving Christianity in Search of the Truth

“I am leaving Christianity to find the truth that I am seeking. Please don’t search for me.” is what Liu Zhiping told worried Christian followers and friends. Ms. Liu sacrificed everything for Christianity from the age of 18 to 38. She even worked as an accountant for the church. After leaving Christianity, Ms. Liu was exposed to many other religions but could not find what she was seeking. Because of not understanding the meaning of her life, Ms. Liu even considered suicide but the thought of leaving her children behind stopped her. She was introduced by her friend to Shinran followers. She asked her friend, “Please take me to the place where Buddhism is taught." The first lecture she attended was a video lecture on the Law of Cause and Effect of the Three Worlds. After listening to this lecture, Ms. Liu, overflowing with tears, cried out “This is the truth that I have been seeking! I want to meet Takamori Sensei!” With great anticipation, Ms. Liu attended the Gotan-e lecture in Toyama. At first, she planned to sit in a chair but decided to do seiza after seeing all the Shinran followers who were doing seiza in the 2000-Tatami-Mat Hall. Ms. Liu said “At Gotan- e, I was touched by gratitude. My heart was full of joy. I wish I had come to the Shinran Center 20 years ago and had spent those years listening to true Buddhism instead of Christianity.”

Liu Zhiping, Taiwan

I Was Led By My Deceased Son

“Last summer, I lost my son and wondered where he had gone and I was extremely sad.” Hide Tamae(the woman on the right in the photo) came across the book YOU WERE BORN FOR A REASON in Los Angeles. She wanted to read more books written by Takamori Sensei. “Then I remembered that one of my acquaintances Ms. Okuna belongs to the Shinran Center in Los Angeles and contacted her. We met in December and started to listen to Buddhism together. Then Ms. Okuna recommended me to become a Shinran follower this February. I am thankful to my son, Buddhist friends and everyone else for me to come all the way to the 2000- Tatami-Mat Hall.”

Followers from Brazil and Taiwan, Energized at the Buddhist Academy

After Gotan-e, about 30 followers from overseas attended a 4-day training program at the Buddhist Academy, which is located in Awara city in Fukui prefecture to learn the appropriate way a Shinran follower leads his or her everyday life. Although they are from different countries, there is a sole purpose of life which needs to be achieved. And it requires them to work together and learn the basics of working in a team such as keeping a promise and being on time. Sho Jyo who is a translator says when a helping hand was needed such as cleaning up after meals or cleaning the rooms, etc, everyone raised their hands and offered to help and she was really amazed by their enthusiasm to learn.

Conversation at the Hot Spa Warms Up the Heart and Mind

It was my second time staying at the Buddhist Village and I ran into Hiroyuki Izumi who is the chief supervisor of the village. It was very touching to learn that Sakyamuni Buddha taught us 2600 years ago that everyone is equal. There are more and more people who are suffering in Korea because of the competitive nature of our society, which is even fiercer than in Japan. I would like to convey true Buddhism which teaches salvation in the true sense of freedom and equality.

Paku Kyongyu, Korea

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #07 | 2011, Leaving Christianity in Search of the Truth

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