Master Shinran is Always with Us

A TABLET that Showers People with the Teachings of Buddhism Attracts Good Reviews

There is now a brand new tablet (portable personal computer) that helps us learn the teachings of Master Shinran. Anybody can watch videos and commentaries with just a few taps on the screen, following the on-screen instructions. The tablets’ smooth and crisp display and clear sound have become a common topic of conversation amongst Followers all over Japan.

Comments include, “It’s so easy to use!” and, “Who came up with such a great tool?”

Listening is Essential in Buddhism. However, we never know when we might become unable to listen to Buddhism. For instance, we might become bed-ridden due to an illness or we might have to live our remaining years in a nursing home. Even people in these situations can watch the animated movies on Master Shinran and listen to explanations on various scenes using this tablet, anytime and anywhere.

Master Shinran said the following in his “Last Words”:

“My life at an end, I go to the Pure Land. But like the waves off Wakanoura Bay that endlessly come and go, I will return. When one person is happy, know that there are two. When two are happy, know that there are three. One will be me, Shinran.”

Here is what Master Shinran’s impassioned message means:

“My life at an end, I will return to the Pure Land once, but I will always continue to return, like the ceaseless waves of the sea. When one is there, there are two. When two are there, there are three. Whether happy or sad, you are never alone. Shinran is always with you.”

Master Shinran is always beside the people who are in distress or suffering from illness. This tablet is nothing other than a visit from the Pure Land by Master Shinran.

When you listen to a lecture through this tablet with your family or acquaintances, your ties to the Buddha will be deepened together.

Sayoko Hayashi from Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, uses the tablet to convey Buddhism to others. She watches the animated movies on Master Shinran, which are installed on the device, with her neighbors.

“The tablet is light and easy to operate. I put the tablet in my bag, and I carry it all the time.” She especially likes one video clip that introduces the Buddhist Village. This video clip features scenes that are shot from the air, which have had a very positive reception from people she has showed it to. “Wow, it’s like we’re really flying in the sky!” they say.

Another reason why they like the tablet is that they feel as if they are in the 2,000 Tatami Mat Hall when they do their chanting with the recorded chant in the tablet.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #58 | 2015, Master Shinran is Always with Us

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