Deep Teaching Jolts Ex-classmate; Brings her to Lecture in Japan

“I was overwhelmed by the novelty of the atmosphere in the Shinran Center headquarters the moment I entered the building,” says Ms. Li of Malaysia. She came to The 2000-Tatami- Mat Hall on August 5 with her exclassmate from middle school, Tang Kin Kok. She says that especially she was impressed by the magnificence of The 2000-Tatami-Mat Hall that was built by the enthusiasm of so many followers to listen to Master Shinran's teaching.

They met each other this year in Malaysia after a long interval. When Kin Kok told her that he was sharing Buddhism everyday as his job, she recommended Kin Kok buy an insurance policy saying his job didn't seem stable enough. Li is a life insurance salesperson. Kin Kok took the opportunity and said, “Of course it's important to prepare for the future, but our 100-percent certain future is death, isn't it? To solve this problem is Buddhism.”

“Wow I didn't know that at all!” said Li, being surprised, and eagerly asked him to tell her more about the teaching of Buddhism.

As a matter of fact, she was going to visit Japan in August at someone 's suggestion and had already bought the flight ticket. When Kin Kok told her about the Memorial Lecture that was to be held at the Hall, she decided to attend it on the spot.

After the trip, she reflects on her experience as follows: “It's a pity if people miss out the chance to listen to such a great teaching as Buddhism. Speaking of the Buddhist Village where I stayed, I was happy to experience foreign culture and lifestyle such as a summer kimono, futon (bed), and the Japanese-style bath. It was also nice to have everybody smile and greet me cheerfully!” Now she is looking forward to joining the webinar after she returns to Malaysia.

Significant Quotes from the Master Get Inscribed in the Mind

We are receiving lots of feedback from Shinran followers happily declaring that their mind-set towards everyday chanting has improved dramatically after they started reciting those four statements of Master Shinran by which he clarified the reason why we live. Here are some examples.

Yuki Sugimoto said, “My fiveyear- old son has memorized those four passages in as fast as three days overhearing my recitation while sitting beside me. I'm looking forward to the day that I can share with him the meaning of them.”

Atsuko Nishita (85) who lives near the Shinran Center Headquarters said, “I could hardly wait to receive this sheet of thick paper which has four quotes from Master Shinran. Since my eyesight is not good, I would like to memorize these excellent words of Master Shinran immediately and say them aloud as smoothly as possible.”

By the same token, a man in his fifties in the same region said, “Master Shinran uses the example of 'big ship' to refer to Namu Amida Butsu. So, each time I look up and observe the Name while chanting, I affirm my determination to dedicate my life to this.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #21 | 2012, Deep Teaching Jolts Ex-classmate; Brings her to Lecture in Japan

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