The Foundation of Buddhism is the Law That is True Anytime and Anywhere.

The Celebratory Gathering of Naze Ikiru 2 Brings Waves of Happiness.

The celebratory gathering for the publication of Naze Ikiru 2 (the Japanese version of You were Born For A Reason) was held at Gero Hot Spring Hotel in the mountains of Hida, Gifu Prefecture. Shinran followers gathered from across the country, requiring more than 20 buses. As a result, the biggest local hotel, Suimeikan, was filled to its maximum capacity.

Since there were so many people in attendance, they were divided into two groups. Afterwards, they celebrated the publication of Naze Ikiru 2, which has sold over 80,000 copies, and talked about some of its sections. 3 months have passed since Naze Ikiru 2 made its long-awaited debut. At Buddhist lectures, we hear more and more people saying things like, “I read You Were Born For a Reason.” “I listened to the radio broadcast of the book.” “I often see advertisements of the book.”

In Kushiro, Hokkaido, a housewife in her 60’s purchased You Were Born For A Reason right after she listened to the radio broadcasting. She then attended a Buddhist lecture and bought Naze Ikiru 2, too.

“You Were Born For a Reason…Who named it? What a straightforward approach!”

In Tokyo, another housewife in her 60s was impressed by Master Shinran’s declaration, “There is a great ship that will bear us cheerfully across life’s sea of ceaseless suffering.”

She read through every page of Naze Ikiru2, but she was not able to understand it fully until she attended a Buddhist lecture. “Now I have a clearer picture of what Master Shinran taught us.”

She had felt that the book was true after having read it just once. She enthusiastically explained why: “Takamori-sensei never writes his own personal opinions; this book is based on the direct words of Master Shinran from beginning to end. I have never come across a book like this in my life.”

The Teaching of Buddhism Lasts Forever

We keep seeing more and more dramas directed by the Supreme Buddha (Amida Buddha). Taking a nice, long soak in Gero Hot Spring, one of the three major hot springs in Japan, people attending the event were immersed in joy at having been able to meet with eternal Buddhist friends thanks to You Were Born for A Reason.

“A person’s accomplishments last for one generation; the teachings of Buddhism last forever.” Even the prosperity of a great figure lasts only until he dies. The reason why the teachings of Master Shinran have lasted until today and will last forever is that they are based on the truth that is valid in all places and at all times.

Reflecting upon Sakyamuni Buddha’s testament, “Human life is ephemeral, but the teachings of Buddhism are eternal,” the Shinran Followers felt more motivated than ever to spread the teachings of Buddhism to more people.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #40 | 2014, The Foundation of Buddhism is the Law That is True Anytime and Anywhere.

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