Very Happy to Know the True Purpose Beyond My Expectation

When I was young, I loved dreaming. I always dreamed of the most fantastic things in life. This is one of the children’s fondness. When I became an adult, I stopped dreaming. I realized its fictitiousness, its fantasy that is far from reality. However, attending the live lecture was a dream come true to me. I felt like I was a child again. I was totally overjoyed; I can’t express my feelings upon seeing Takamori-sensei in person and listening to his lecture.

I was elated, jubilant, overwhelmed. I can’t describe my emotions. Listening to the live lecture is different from watching it online. Hearing Takamori- sensei’s voice made me feet especially extraordinary.

I don’t understand Japanese but it seems like I could understand it by just listening to sensei’s voice. I could feel the Truth of each word sensei expressed. I had goosebumps all throughout the lecture. I felt an urge to learn Japanese in order to understand and listen to your teachings directly.

I am indeed happy. I am happiest because I was able to fulfill my purpose beyond my wildest expectation. The purpose I came to The 2,000-Tatami-Mat Hall was to attaining True Faith; to receive Namu Amida Butsu. I understand that listening (Choumon) is the only way to receive it.

So I was able to learn the importance of Choumon which is indispensable in Buddhism. Through listening, I will be able to receive the Name (Myogo) and I will be be granted True Faith. Until I’m granted True Faith, I will continue to listen to Buddhism and go towards the light and share Buddhism to Filipinos.

Daren Arroyo, Philippines

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #48 | 2015, Very Happy to Know the True Purpose Beyond My Expectation

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