Our Souls Are Weeping for Help (Part 2)

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The Secret Warehouse

Each of us lives separately in our own private world----suffering in our own way. Buddhism calls this the hell of loneliness. Do you have someone that understands your mind completely? It does not matter who this person is: whether he is your spouse, parent, or child. Do you have such a person? As for you, are you able to understand another person in their entirety? We all want to be understood by others, and we want to understand others. But alas! Both are beyond our power. Each of us has a secret warehouse which we can never show. We can disclose it up to a certain point, but beyond that point we can never disclose; this is our true mind.

Indeed, we are destined to: “alone we are born and alone we die, alone we come and alone we depart.” No matter what we seek or what we gain, nothing can truly relieve and satisfy us from the bottom of our heart. Dissatisfaction originates in the loneliness of our soul. Even if you are surrounded by many people and it appears lively, your soul is weeping, “I am lonely, I am lonely,” isn’t it? Isn’t your soul trembling because it seeks something that it can fully rely upon and yet fails to find it? Even if you drink to your heart’s content, the deep sense of loneliness will still linger. When you return home, you will feel even lonelier. Climbing a mountain, going to the ocean, seeing beautiful scenery, and listening to music----all of these will merely give you temporary relief. These activities do not leave a lasting solution to loneliness.

Sooner or later, you will realize that you are alone----all of the time. You see yourself struggling alone in a wilderness, the older you get, the lonelier you will feel. Because we expect to find the person who understands us completely, each of us fervently searches for the person who is able to understand our lonely minds. But no matter how many times we marry, we will not encounter such a person. No matter how many times we change our friends or lovers, we will still not encounter such a person. You may think: “This time will be different,” but after awhile you will again find yourself drifting in the midst of the dark loneliness.

The Conflicted Mind

One part of our mind dislikes full disclosure to others and another part wants to be completely understood by others. All of mankind is suffering from this huge contradiction. No matter how far civilization advances; no matter how affluent our lives become; the loneliness of our mind remains unsolved.

The loneliness of human existence is truly unfathomable. Because it is very difficult to face reality, we divert our gaze----thinking that there has to be someone or something that we can rely upon to ease our loneliness. But this will not solve the problem, it is only a temporary diversion.

This problem can only be solved through Buddhism. Isn’t the solving of this loneliness the most important thing of all?


Source: The Buddhist Village Times #27, Why Do We Feel Alone in Our Life’s Journey?

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