How the Law of Cause and Effect relates to present moment awareness

I find my mind runs a lot living in ether the past or future instead of the present. How many of us are truly in the present? I think so much about my future even when I know I should live in the present. If I can follow the Law of Cause and Effect, it serves as an anchor for keeping my mind here. I like a quote from the book Something You Forgot Along the Way because it ties both present moment awareness and the Law of Cause and Effect togther. It says:

"Don't worry about when the seeds will sprout. Just plant them. The world is full of people who spend all their time thinking about the crop they'll reap, without ever planting anything."

To me, this wisdom signifies trusting in the Law of Cause and Effect, which means I can let go of my anxiety in the present. Please check out this wonderful book on Amazon at: