Our missionaries host face-to-face lectures at our offices in Japan, Los Angeles, and the Philippines on a regular-basis. Attendees are free to ask questions and can meet other Buddhist friends.

Skype Meeting

We offer study sessions/discussion via Skype which you can participate from the comfort of your home. You are more than welcome to invite and participate with your friends and family.

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We continuously publish a diversity of Buddhist books, newspaper, booklets, CD's and DVD's, and etc. in various languages. As well, we offer classes to children in developing countries, providing our publications at no cost.


Online School 

We offer a virtual Buddhist study program through an affiliated website, accessible to all at all times. In this program, you will learn about Buddhism through video lectures, audio lectures, newsletters, and comics.


​Many students choose to participate in our general training program, held at our headquarters in Japan where our missionaries also study. In this program, you will study Buddhism in depth while also learning about Japanese culture and customs. We offer financial aid for the training and airfare.


​Support You in Sharing Buddhism

We can assist you in sharing Buddhism with others by teaching you how to organize classes, prepare power point, and etc. Please share Buddhism with your family and friends, thereby providing a solution to their suffering.