What is International Buddhist Academy?

It's a virtual educational system through which people can learn about Buddhism. We also have offices in the U.S., Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Our activities

While our activities are diverse and constantly expanding, we currently offer online lectures, lectures at local offices, publication on Buddhism, as well as special training sessions for students aspiring to pass on Buddhism to others in their community.

Funeral ceremonies 

Why do people hold a funeral and/or other types of Buddhist ceremonies when someone dies? Shakyamuni Buddha taught us that Buddhism is not teachings for the dead but for the living. Through funeral ceremonies, we hope to apply ourselves to listening to Buddhism and encourage other attendees to do the same.

Pure Land School​

The word, 'Buddhism,' seems to conjure up the image of Zen meditation or some type of full-fledged abstinence in people's

mind. Notwithstanding such

popular image of Buddhism, Pure Land School of Buddhism shines light on the path through which people can attain true happiness when they put the teachings into practice.

Buddhism 101

Q. What is enlightenment of Buddha?

Q. Who is Shakyamuni?

Q. What is Buddhist sutra?

Based on such frequently asked questions, we offer a general outline of Buddhism.

True meditation

Today, many people engage in meditation, and some of them go to temples. What did 

Shakyamuni Buddha say 

about meditation? What is true meditation expounded in the Meditation Sutra?